After retiring from Ford, I had more time to dig-deep and learn the extent that the government has been progressively gone astray. Similarly, some of our elected representatives have been voting in ways that I could never have imagined. I have contacted my representatives, but my concerns were seemingly overlooked or disregarded. Some votes/actions have been misaligned with the Constitution (as written), and many no longer represent my values or priorities and those of my neighbors/community.

I am a life-long problem solver who applies my real-world experience, common sense, and understanding of cause & effect nuances to work smarter, save money, and overcome issues. With my unique qualifications and the support of my family, it was agreed that I should step-up and help restore the America that we know and love.

Personal Information

I am a Christian mother of two children who has been married for 30 years. I attended public schools, and was the first in my family to attend college, earning both a bachelor and master degree from Central Michigan University. My father is a legal immigrant that served in the USAF who retired as both an engineer and medical first responder. My mother is a retired school bus driver.

I recently retired from Ford (UAW & salary) with over 32 years of service. My roles included, product development, strategy & planning, business reengineering & transformation, customer service, and analytics. I worked on location in Europe and in partnerships throughout the globe. I can apply my real-world experiences involving multi-million-dollar projects, leveraging data and analytics to make strategic, data-driven decisions to improve our government.

I have been active in my community and throughout the state in various volunteer roles for my entire adult life; First responder/practitioner and instructor/trainer volunteer, youth program leader, and hands-on support of various emergency preparedness agencies and local charities.